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How Our Annual Camping Pass Works

Year Round Camping Starting at $545!

The Zone Camping Pass is an annual camping pass that provides flexible, any-time access at Thousand Trails—America's premier network of family campgrounds. Customize your annual camping pass by selecting the "zone" (region) you want to camp in, or buy a multizone pass to expand your access. You pay only for the zones you want to camp in. It's that simple.

No matter how many zones you purchase, your annual fee is just $545. That comes to less than $46 a month. And for a limited time, the one-time enrollment fee is waived for the first zone you purchase.

After your first 30 days of camping each year, a modest daily usage fee of $3 will be charged, to defray the costs of our amenities.

Year Round Camping & Enormous Savings

Here are some examples of the kind of savings a Zone Camping Pass holder can experience:

examples of savings on year round camping

No Sales Meetings, No Long-term Commitments!

The Zone Camping Pass is not a timeshare. Rather, it’s an annual camping pass that gives first-come first-served access to all the resorts in your zone, offering year round camping for an unbelievable price. We don't require long-term contracts because we are so confident that you and your family will enjoy your Zone Camping Pass so much that you will renew year after year (and tell your friends!)

Year Round Camping at All Resorts in Your Zone

Your Zone Camping Pass entitles you to stay at any Thousand Trails resort within the zone or zones you purchased, with a wide-ranging selection of over 80 resorts nationwide. With the annual camping pass there is no cap on the number of resorts you visit, or total nights you stay. Because we are offering a recreational, not a residential program, visits are subject to our length-of-stay guidelines. In general you can stay up to 14 consecutive days at a time and wait seven days before beginning your next stay. If you stay four nights or less at one resort, you are allowed a consecutive stay at the next resort without having to observe the seven-day rest period. Within these guidelines, your annual camping pass provides you with unlimited year round camping!

Start Saving Now With Your Annual Camping Pass

Click here to pick your zone, purchase your pass, and start enjoying the breath-taking views and resort-style amenities of Thousand Trails.


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* Plus applicable taxes. Restrictions on use are explained in our frequently asked questions. If you purchase a single Zone Park Pass for $545 before September 19, 2014, you may add a second Zone to your Zone Park Pass at no charge (a $795 value). You may choose to pay the $545 annual fee in 12 monthly installments, provided that you commit to a two year agreement. The single Zone Camping Pass includes use of all of the RV resorts in one of five zones, for one year. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Usage is subject to length of stay restrictions. The Zone Camping Pass is offered by MHC Thousand Trails Limited Partnership, an affiliate of Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc., Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 800, Chicago, Illinois 60606. Members and employees of Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. and its affiliates are excluded from this promotion. Residents of MN, MS, and SD are also excluded from this Promotion. This advertising is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of resort campground memberships. This document has been filed with the Department of Licensing, State of Washington, as required by Washington law. Value, quality, or conditions stated, and performance on promises are the responsibility of the operator, not the Department. The filing does not mean that the Department has approved the merits or qualifications of any registration, advertising, or any gift, prize or item of value as part of any promotional plan. Amenities vary by property. Read our Privacy Policy.